Hello, I’m Mike Polizzi. A Certified Health Coach, Writer, and Filmmaker specializing in low-carb, ketogenic protocols to help combat obesity & chronic illness.

As a Health Coach, it is my role to help individuals avoid health problems, not treat them. I partner with them to provide ongoing support and accountability as they create an action plan to meet and maintain their health goals.

I’ve lost over 100-pounds and would like to help others achieve similar goals.


With True Health Comes True Weight Loss

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Chill Out Before You Fill Out: How to Defy Junk Food and Manage Stress Before it Destroys You is available on Amazon.


The views and opinions expressed on this website are my own.



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Not too long ago, at a party not too far away…. “We have sweet potatoes,” the host told me, knowing that I was a health nut. “I don’t do potatoes,” I told her. Without hesitation, she enunciated, ” Sweet potatoes!” “I don’t do potatoes. No starches.” Some folks tend to take things too literally. When … Continue reading Starch Wars

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