Hello, I’m Mike Polizzi. I’m an author, filmmaker, cosplayer, and certified health coach. I’m passionate about helping others lose weight, as well as expressing myself through film, music, and written word. Life is too short to take seriously, but also too short to take for granted. Live, give, and make the best of it.


I specialize in educating others about their body conditions, in order for them to get healthy to lose weight (not the other way around). I’ve lost over 100-pounds and would like to help others achieve similar goals. Visit the health page to learn more.


I’ve written numerous screenplays and authored the book, Chill Out Before You Fill Out: How to Defy Junk Food and Manage Stress Before it Destroys You (available on Amazon). I also blog about health and nerdy adventures right here on my website.


Harmonized with my love for screenwriting, the first 20+ years of my life were devoted to making original movies (and composing music for them). I’ve produced numerous short fantasy films; my last few can be viewed here.


Relative to my passion for film, I enjoy a good costume party. I attend several east coast conventions, cosplaying as Han Solo; Wolverine; Indiana Jones; Negan; and Chief Jim Hopper. Check out some of my adventures here and my vlog series, GeekEndz.


The views and opinions expressed on this website are my own.