Will Alcohol Make You Fat?


Alcohol was once used as a medicinal drug. Overtime, it became a recreational beverage that many depend on to relax and numb their daily stresses. It’s a tremendous business and yet it’s classified as the 2nd most addictive substance, between Heroin and Cocaine. How is it okay to market booze and not cocaine? Booze is worse, right?

Okay, so we have this legal toxin that sparks our dopamine and endorphins, and makes us say and do stupid things…

But, does it cause weight gain?

Yes and no.

If you’re drinking a 5-ounce glass of straight liquor, like vodka or gin, it won’t spike insulin – the most powerful fat-making hormone in our body. But, it will stress the heck out of the liver and prevent any likelihood of burning fat.

When alcohol is consumed, it becomes your body’s highest priority to get rid of it. So, it pretty much ignores everything else happening. For instance, if you’re drinking a cocktail whilst eating a mountain of nachos, your body will metabolize the booze first, not the tasty junk food.

Now, if you’re drinking beer, or sweet wine, or some other sweet cocktail, you’re making matters worse. Sugar carbohydrates will spike your insulin by 200%; therefore, you’ll be causing more damage to your body. The body is trying to flush out the toxins and your insulin is wreaking havoc on your cells. Talk about inflammation! 

Let’s not also forget the fact that alcohol messes with our blood sugar and dehydrates the brain… and, it will prevent any potential fat-burning for up to 72-hours – just as any sugar carbohydrate would.

As for the liver, well… Your blood tests won’t show a damaged liver until it’s down to 25%. But, don’t fret, the liver can regenerate! How? Well, you’d need to spend 3+ sober years eating a clean, healthy diet, free from junk food and tasty toxins.

So, no, I don’t recommend poisoning yourself on a regular basis. But, if you do drink on occasion, make sure you replenish your electrolytes, and steer clear from the junk food. Either way, alcohol will hinder your ability to lose weight – and then some.

Be well, and remember… With true health comes true weight loss.