Love and Support

When people don’t support your efforts to get healthy, lose weight, quit alcohol… they might feel guilty for their own wrong choices. They’d tell you something like, “ah, you’re gonna die anyway; go ahead, eat the cake and drink the beer.” You might try to reason with them, but they’d rather come off being “right” than successful.

In other words, if you continue to follow “the unhealthy path,” then they feel safe. If you don’t, then they might guilt-trip you, and that’s disappointing. But, you’ll be strong in mind if you want something badly enough.

It’s unfortunate that the corrupt food industry, as well as the alcohol industry, markets junk and toxins as “socially acceptable substances.” There’s a lot of manipulation in the food industry. They don’t care about your health, only their wallet.

The so-called “they” always seem to tell you what’s good or bad for you… “They” also tell you about the “everything in moderation” excuse. This is terrible, because if your goal is to get healthy and lose weight, you cannot cheat at all. You wouldn’t cheat on your significant other, so why would you cheat on yourself?

Cheating a little bit here and there will nullify your progress. So, a drastic change in lifestyle must be a serious commitment. But, I assure you, the end result is worth the effort.

Anybody that might discourage you for bettering yourself is unfair. You need encouragement and you need to stay the course. You must do what’s best for you, no matter what anybody says. Life happens once, don’t shorten it by consuming the wrong thing.

Be well, and remember… With true health comes true weight loss.