Derailed by Temptation


You say you want a resolution. Well, you know… We all make promises to ourselves, but do we actually keep them? I’d say, 9 times out of 10, no.

So, let’s be realistic and embrace the fact that we are human. We’re not perfect. Always striving for greatness, but too often derailed by temptation. And, once you give into that temptation, what do you think happens to your “resolution?”

Sure, you might be able to go weeks, if not months, without eating a piece of cake, or sipping a sugary cocktail… But, the reality is, you’ll most likely find a reason to cheat – you know that “safety” saying we all love so much… Everything in Moderation.

By the way, those are the 3 most dangerous words in the community of aspiring weight loss achievers. Once you cheat, your flow is sabotaged, and then you go right back to your instinctive habits. That’s fine, depending on what your health goals are – if any.

The point is, we don’t like to follow rules and we’re addicted to pleasure – in this case, pleasing edibles (junk food and tasty toxins). Most people don’t seek help until it’s too late, and health has no tolerance for the stubborn. You roll the dice or take the reins.

So, what could you do to stay the course?

First and foremost, get your mind straight. Nothing is achievable until you commit to it 100%. Ask yourself, how bad do I want to get healthy?

Secondly, avoid putting yourself in environments that will tempt you. For example:

  • Avoid going to a bar, if you want to quit alcohol.
  • Avoid going to a fast food chain, if you’re trying to eliminate junk food.
  • Avoid entering those supermarket aisles that hold the products with the hidden sugars and disguised MSGs, if you want to lose weight.

Lastly, do what works for you. Just be aware of the consequences.

Be well, and remember… With true health comes true weight loss.